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At Billet Construction, I understand the need to protect you from the sun. It is my goal and my mission to outfit every home in the Phoenix, AZ area with the means to maintain a lifetime of happiness without the harmfulness of the beating sun. If you are in need of a solution to this constant Southwest United States problem, then patio covers from my company are the best way to solve your problem. One of the most economical choices you can make in this situation is the use of Alumawood patio covers.

Alumawood patio covers mimic the look and feel of their wooden and glass counterparts, but are less expensive. Though their price is reduced, their value and success at blocking out the sun’s rays is evident. You can accomplish the same task as you can with more expensive wood and glass covers, without breaking the bank. Alumawood patio cover installation is a breeze when you hire the top expert at Billet Construction to perform your construction needs. I have been installing all kinds of patio covers for decades.

Protecting your home and family from the heat is essential to enjoying your leisure time. In Phoenix, AZ, defeating the sun requires more than just a cold drink and lots of hope. You need to find a way to block the sun before it burns you up. Alumawood patio covers are your best bet for accomplishing this task. Cheaper than other options but still structurally and aesthetically sound, they are exactly what you need to win the battle against the imposing elements.

Do not let the summer scare you. Connect with me at Billet Construction so we can tackle the power of the sun together.